Cebu's Best Lechon

Welcome to Rico’s Lechon

A business with a heart and taste!

Here at Rico’s Lechon, we proudly serve what cebuanos would want for their lechon. Cooked with precision and served with perfection. The original Rico’s Lechon, which is located in Highway 77, Talamban Cebu City has been in this line of business for almost 13 years now, so to speak.

We serve your lechon with ingredients which penetrates the deepest part of your taste buds! We dish up your lechon with GARLIC and LEEKS (“dahon ng sibuyas”) ONLY! We bet your wondering how these two make up a very scrumptious lechon, huh? that is the secret!

The taste of the traditional regular lechon we knew is roasted to perfection and mixed up with the above-mentioned ingredients. BUT here at Rico’s Lechon, we don’t stop there! For almost Six years now, Mr. Enrico V. Dionson, proprietor of Rico’s Lechon, invented the FIRST Rico’s “SPICY” lechon. He came across with an original discovery. Making your lechon, smokin’ hot!SPICY that is! No wonder this is his best seller.

Think outside the box! Convenience is the sole concern of our customers. We don’t like to travel, and carry with us excess luggage, right? Here at Rico’s Lechon, we pack-and-ship.

"Cebu's Best Lechon - Rico's Lechon"